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Fwd: Reminder-June 15,2011 – CfP: GraVisMa 2011 – Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Mathematics

Date:  May 28, 2011
>>> Call for Papers GraVisMa 2011 – Gentle REMINDER<<<
>>> Deadlines for FULL papers: June 15, 2011 , Other types: June 30, 2011<<<
>>> Venue: VSB-Technical University, Ostrava,  <<<
>>> Czech Republic, September 5 – 8, 2011 <<<
Dear friend,
this is just to remind you know that the GraVisMa 2011 workshop will be held in Ostrava city on September 5-8, 2011.
GraVisMa 2011 WEB page: or and feel free to inspect GraVisMa 2009 and GraVisMa 2010 pages as well.
Submitted papers will be peer-to-peer reviewed. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the GraVisMa proceedings with ISBN and sent for indexing to ISI/WoS, Scopus and others.
GraVisMa 2011 papers should be, properly formatted,  submitted to the WEB server.
Please, register your paper (Title, Authors and Abstract etc.) as soon as possible.
Several tutorials on Geometry Algebra (GA) and computer graphics, applications of GA in information processing, and on CUDA related (by NVIDIA and ATI experts) are in expected.

Conference proceedings – all papers will be anonymously reviewed. After revision, the accepted and presented papers will be published in GraVisMa proceedings with ISBN. They will be sent for indexing by Thompson Reuters/ISI and others. Post-workshop DVD will be produced. Proceedings will be available on-line on WEB with no-access restrictions. Negotiations are under way with Springer to publish extended versions of selected papers in book form.
Main topics of workshops (but not limited to):
- Computer Science fields:
Computer Graphics (modeling, rendering, 3D imaging etc.), Computer Vision (3D reconstruction, non-linear image transformations etc.), Algorithms and Data Structures Human Computer Interaction, 3DTV, Scientific and Medical Visualization, Scientific Computing Applications

- Mathematical fields:
Numerical Computation, Projective Geometry, Geometric Algebra, Conformal Algebra, Grassmann Algebra, Clifford Algebra, other Mathematical Aspects

- Technology issues:
GPU/CUDA/TESLA/Fermi technology, Intel Single Chip Cluster Computing technology, Parallel & Distributed processing, Signal Processing processors

- Interesting applications:
Influence Mathematics to Computer Science related fields, Computer Science inspiration to Mathematics, Educational Aspects, Programming Tools and Systems

- Educational aspects and other related topics

Vaclav Skala        Subj. GraVisMa

Please, feel free to visit
- Research activities ,
- on-line paper repository of WSCG – International Conferences in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision since 1992
———————————————- ABOUT GraVisMa ——————
- GraVisMa workshop is a unique forum for researchers, practitioners, developers and academia experts to discuss new approaches and methods in Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Scientific Computation, Scientific, Medical and Information Visualization with applications of the latest developments in Mathematics and Physics.

- Goals of the GraVisMa workshops is to bring theory of the Projective Geometry, Geometric Algebra and Conformal Geometry to practice especially in the fields related to Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Scientific Computation and Visualization.

- GraVisMa workshop will bring new impulses to related fields of computer science, especially in development of new approaches to algorithms and data structures, will stimulate research activities between mathematicians and computer science experts.

Informal atmosphere of the GraVisMa workshops will stimulate discussions between researchers and practitioners that will lead to further international research collaborations and projects proposals as well.

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