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Fwd: CAAD Futures 2011 – Workshop 2: New CAD Plug-in to Audit Design Standards

CAAD Futures 2011 – Workshop 2: New CAD Plug-in to Audit Design Standards
Date: 5th July 2011
Format: Half day (AM or PM)
Venue: Building B37, Institut de mathematiques, Sart Tilman Campus.

Team delivering workshop is from Queen’s University Belfast, UK:
Mr Nicholas Humes
Dr Karim Hadjri
Dr Peter Milligan


This research aims to improve the quality of domestic environments by ensuring new designs meet the legal requirements of the UK Lifetime Homes through the use of a CAD-based design aid.
This workshop aims to test the use of PeopleProject plug-in in the creation of inclusive designs using AutoCAD as a base platform and applying Lifetime Homes Standards. This is an opportunity to revisit the design process and include inclusive design audit at an early stage.

Introductory Talk on Inclusive Design and Lifetime Homes Standards
Karim Hadjri

Talk on product development and demonstration of PeopleProject software
Nicholas Humes

Questions followed by coffee break

PeopleProject Trial and Feedback

PeopleProject Trial and Feedback II


Expected output for the participants
Opportunity to trial New Beta plug-in and produce inclusive design using Lifetime Homes Standards.
Opportunity to participate in discussion on the future roles of CAAD in the design process and achieving inclusive design.
Opportunity to meet other individuals with interest in CAD related applications for inclusive design.

The final portion of the session will examine and prompt discussion of the results of the questionnaire using bar graphs to provide a visual analysis of the cumulative responses. Further discussion will be concerned with how CAD software could be used to influence design decision making. The final topic will concentrate on how the PeopleProject could be improved or expanded to other principles of design.

PeopleProject CAD
The PeopleProject is a software application designed to operate as a direct plug-in to Autodesk AutoCAD. The software can be used at any stage of the design process to audit CAD drawings to LTH standards. The PeopleProject provides a framework for the architect to be informed of LTH, to insert pre approved LTH library blocks, to test, to receive feedback and to document the design. This tool provides all the functions within the environment of AutoCAD allowing the architect to maintain focus on the construction industry benchmark software removing the need to execute and learn secondary programs, to manage multiple instances of the same drawings or to search for information in paper based documents. The PeopleProject was created from user requirements collected from a sample of 161 UK architects and tested by the end users at all stages.

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