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CAADRIA. The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia

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Fwd: ACADIA Regional Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska – Oct 4 deadline

ACADIA 2011 Regional Conference

Parametricism: SPC
Call for Session Topics

The first ACADIA regional conference, Parametricism:  Student Performance Criteria (SPC), is set to complement the national ACADIA mission within a specific focus on how computation and computational thinking, particularly the concept of Parametricism, is evolving early design thinking and consequentially, the future of architectural practice.  In a type of radical parametric pragmatism, we invite session topics that projectively investigate parametric frontiers which both engage and surpass fulfillment of SPC and other regulatory criteria in the pursuit of innovation and design elegance.

By employing the NAAB’s SPC in relationship to comprehensive design and computation, the conference hopes to highlight SPC’s, not as obstructions to design, but as necessary polyvariable parameters that assist design creativity and development.   Sought topics are those which do not shun the pragmatics of performance criteria, building regulations, and neighborhood guidelines but instead use parametric modeling and computational generation to hyper-optimize, subvert, and conceptualize from within performative and qualitative requirements.  The conference also seeks implementation strategies that can more readily engage computation and parametric thinking across the entire curriculum and outside the design studio, thus influencing systems, environments, structures, urban design, planning, site, policy, and practice courses.

Proposed session topics should be sharply focused and explore the diversity of challenges, methods, systems, pedagogy, and permutations of computation and parametricism as fuel for addressing and surpassing the NAAB’s SPC and/or other regulatory criteria.  Each proposal should clearly identify a subject and a particular approach. Authors should submit:

·        a title and a 300-word (max) description of the session proposal, suitable for blind peer review
·        a 300-word (max) bio demonstrating author’s expertise

Where possible session titles can be derived or aligned with the SPC area titles; specific content can then expand or deviate from SPC expectations.

Proposed session topic acceptances will be announced in the beginning of October.  Session topics and a call for abstracts will be published on October 21st 2010.  The Conference is scheduled for March 10th, 11th and 12th 2011.

Email Session Topics with subject line as ‘TOPIC’ to

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