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Fwd: The New Structuralism

The New Structuralism
Design, Engineering and Architectural Technologies
Editors:  Rivka Oxman and Robert Oxman

AD – Architectural Design
July/August 2010   John Wiley & Sons  136 pages

Today the convergence of design, engineering and architectural technologies are breeding a new material practice in architecture. In this pioneering publication, this important shift is fully defined as a highly dynamic synthesis of emerging principles of spatial, structural and material ordering integrated through the application of materialisation and fabrication technologies. Providing the foundations for a new theory of structuring in architecture, The New Structuralism has broad implications for the way we both conceive and undertake architectural design, as its impact starts to emanate not only across education internationally, but also through architectural research and practice.

Based upon this pioneering issue of AD, The New Structuralism will be the subject of a symposium sponsored by the Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication. The symposium will be held at the Architekturforum in Zu”rich on the 7th of October 2010 between the hours 14:00 and 19:30.

The purpose of the symposium is to present and discuss the emerging relationships between architectural design, design engineering and fabrication design.  Proposing these emerging relationships as an important new paradigm of design, The New Structuralism will provide a forum for thought and discussion regarding this emerging integration of design disciplines and technologies.

Among the speakers who will participate are:  Martin Bechthold (Harvard); Klaus Bollinger/Manfred Grohmann/Oliver Tessmann (B+G, Frankfurt); John Chilton (NTU); Fabio Gramazio/Matthias Kohler (ETHZ); Wolf Mangelsdorf (Buro Happold); Julio Martinez Calzon/Carlos Castanon (MC2 Engr., Madrid); Neri Oxman (MIT); Rivka Oxman (IIT); Robert Oxman (IIT); Helmut Pottman (TU Wien); Nina Rappaport (Yale); Fabian Scheurer (DESIGNTOPRODUCTION); Yves Weinand/Markus Hudert (EPFL)

New Structuralism Symposium Flyer

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