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Fwd: Official Master’s Degree Programme in Biodigital Architecture in Barcelona

Fwd: Official Master’s Degree Programme in Biodigital Architecture in Barcelona
Von: “Affonso ORCIUOLI” <>
Datum: 10. Juni 2010 11:20:01 MESZ

The UIC Official Master’s Degree Programme in Biodigital Architecture was created in 2000 as a pioneering postgraduate programme, the first that treated the subject of architecture from the biological and digital perspectives, and the first to provide systematic study with the founders of digital organicism, the new cutting edge of the 21st century. Within the context of the research line on genetic architectures at the ESARQ School of Architecture, students will pay special attention to new cybernetic-digital and ecological-environmental architectural design as a way of developing genetic and generative concepts, the idea of emergence in the natural and digital worlds, biomimesis, biolearning, morphogenesis, etc. Students will also experiment with genetic driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems, algorithms, parametrics, scripting, etc. New technologies have given us new production possibilities (Data-Driven Production, CNC machines, 3D printers) that lead to new formulations of non-standard architecture based on genetic principles (variation, mutation, hybridization). Also, all of the members of the group of international professors and lecturers have made relevant contributions in cutting-edge areas of biodigital architecture.

prof. arq. Affonso Orciuoli
Disen~o, Simulacio’n, Fabricacio’n

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