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workshop: Parametric Design Tools in Skilled Hands: Methods of Engaging Complexity 16 June 2009

Robert Woodbury (SFU) and Earl Mark (Virginia)

All tools work better in skilled hands. With parametric modeling designers have a new set of tools but not yet a mature craft of use. This two-day workshop will bring together a small group of researchers and teachers of parametric modeling to discuss and demonstrate what designers and their organizations must know and learn about parametric modeling to use it well. Parametric based design tools provide a dynamic way to approach to design problems, but their use may benefit from the art of complex problem solving through a range of different strategies from seeing the big picture to small technical means.

Participants should be skilled in using or teaching at least one parametric system (e.g., CATIA, Cinema4D, GC, Grasshopper, Revit, SolidWorks,…), especially at a scripting/programming level. In particular, the workshop aims at better understanding the strategies needed for effective use of these new tools. For example, in object-oriented systems a major strategy of use is to prefer composition over inheritance.

Each participant should prepare in advance a short presentation, including a live demonstration of key issues of tool use. Each participant should bring their own laptop and expect to use it to demonstrate and work on parametric problems throughout the workshop.

Registration will be limited to so as to aid deep discussion and a workshop character. Pending available space, participants in the Volker Mueller’s 15 June workshop are welcome in this workshop.

Attendees at this workshop will be granted a one-year license to Bentley’s Generative Components (a $250 value).

Participants who are actively developing their skills with parametric modeling are encouraged to register for Volker Mueller’s workshop “Parametric modeling for exploration of design options and adaptability to changeā€ that precedes this workshop on June 15th. They are also invited to a “Parametric Modeling Dinner” that bridges the two workshops on the evening of the 15th.

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